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Our experts in PMO excellence can help you realize more benefits and ensure your PMO is delivering what your
organization needs.

Tricon Solutions is an Project Management firm that specializes in what we describe as Non Technical/ End to End Project Delivery.

We are proud to partner with a few key firms with products we know and trust. In addition to supporting the product, our team will work with you to ensure the implementation sets you up for success.

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Tricon is a premier consulting company for project, PMO, organizational change professionals. When you engage Tricon, you get the Tricon team—which is much more than just the sum of our individual competencies. We combine exceptional people with our internal Tricon knowledge base, proven methodologies, research, innovative thinking, and team collaboration to deliver fit-for-purpose service and expertise.

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Our mission is to support clients through business transformation using practical, results-oriented techniques that deliver high-quality results.

  • We are specialists in the project management space: We are not a generalist IT firm, nor are we an exclusive to the staff augmentation industry. We were founded by industry professionals and leaders that have specifically done these roles and have delivered on 100s of projects.
  • We provide creative solutions beyond traditional recruitment, if pure staff augmentation is required we will provide the best fit culturally and technically however, we pride ourselves in offering more strategic solutions to fit your needs.