Tech Projects Need Tricon.

Staff Augmentation. Project Delivery & Advisory. Powered-Up PMOs.

High level advisory and the functional tech resources to Get. It. Done.


Your organization has a responsibility to evolve, compete, and stay ahead.
So what happens when:

  • You’re lacking internal capacity
  • There’s an overabundance of work that’s not getting done
  • You’re unable to staff key positions
  • You’re always re-hiring/retraining/wasting resources

When what you really want to do is lead the way and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished?
You need Bandwidth for Change.

Better Projects and Better Results Need the Tricon Army.

Because understanding exactly What your project needs means we can carefully place and support exactly Who your project needs.

We specialize in the functional “mission critical” roles for your tech projects that are hardest to fill and most critical to your success.

The Best People, The Best Fit

“Home Team” Support

We Speak Your Language

  • A community of elite project rockstars.
  • A proven and unmatched track record of successful placements to back it up.
  • People we place are never alone – and more successful because of it.
  • We believe in and back our consultants leading to better results.
  • We get you.
  • Honesty, transparency, and never starting from scratch – the best fit, answers, and support fast.

Top talent that you can attract to your team.

We are an extension of you.

Let’s move the needle together.

Instead of people and strategies that look ‘right’ on paper, let’s get this off the paper – raise the bar – and connect project experts who are seamless matches, day-one ready, and fully supported. So projects, consultants – EVERYONE – succeeds.

Strength in #s

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Do it Better. And be a Part of Something.

Strategic consulting, perfect-fit people, and unparalleled back office support.