The foundation of any organization is people. Great people need relevant processes to keep them on track and aligned. Great people want to perform and need accountability and measurement to support them. People, process and performance – the perfect team.

Processes work to help an organization answer both questions that they have and questions that they did not even know needed answering. Through a review of current processes and the addition of new ones, there will be clarity and definition. Did you know that there are people on your team motivated to create, manage and maintain processes for the benefit of the team?

Performance is the result of your efforts and tells you whether or not you are doing the right things. Measuring performance ensures that both the organization and its goals are relevant and continue to be effective. Did you know that there are people on your team motivated by performance? They will compete, push, drive and win for the benefit of your team.

People are essential to everything done within your organization. If you value performance or process over your people, everyone loses. Did you know that there are people on your team motivated to serve the people around them? They will care for, support and help others for the benefit of your team.

Personal Strengths Canada and their unique tool – the Strength Development Inventory (Total SDI) – help you and your team identify how you value people, process and performance. We all have a different combination of these values and understanding your own and those on your team will help to create a stronger, more connected and more effective team.


  • What do you value the most? People, process or performance?
  • What area are you most blind to? People, process or performance?


Learn more about SDI and how it fits with a coach approach to leadership through our Ignite Summit offerings.