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Elite Project Experts Bringing Mission-Critical Leadership.

We’re project experts. In fact, we love projects.

So we know that better tech projects need one (or a combination) of these things:

  • You need a person to get the job done, and only the best match will do.
  • You need a project delivered. Done right. Off your plate, pronto.
  • You need a solution because you don’t know your next steps or what project to choose.
  • You need a high-functioning PMO because it’s time to get more done in-house.
When it comes to tech projects – the tech is the easy part.

Project Experts are what’s Mission Critical.

Here’s how we help you get your mission accomplished – so you can get onto the next one:

1 | You Need a Person.


STAFF AUGMENTATION: A resource – a top tier consultant – who is day-one ready to seamlessly step into your project.

The Challenge: Right fit on paper? Rarely the right fit.

Our Solution: THE TRICON FIT – Personality, Talent, Potential, and Engagement.

Our recruitment experts vet far beyond “right on paper” and this dedication to matching our resources to the project, the company, and the culture means happier consultants, and even happier clients.

We’re changing the story of the role of consultants from an outside resource to a mission critical part of your business. And we’ve developed a rock-star community of talent because of it.

Gain a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) and a day-one ready, perfect-fit project expert – a consultant to seamlessly embed themselves into the critical, non-technical roles – backed up and continuously supported by our ‘home-team’. (Because we back the people we place.) They are never alone and more successful because of it.

2 | You Need a Project Delivered.


PROJECT DELIVERY: An all-in-one team – a managed service – responsible for the outcome of your tech project.

The Challenge: Outsourcing that can still act as an extension of your business.

Our Solution: WE SPEAK YOUR LANGUAGE – The Right People & Tools Faster.

Partner with project experts who know what will move the needle for you and have the people and tools to help it happen faster.

Digital transformation projects, ERP projects, software implementation, development projects – from budget to framework to resources and deliverables, we’ll take on your project so you can leverage “the home team”, tackle issues, and keep your project resources focused and on track.

You’ll have a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) and a Service Delivery Manager (SDM) overseeing and delivering your project with experts who speak your language and are primed and ready to rock an all-in-one managed service that feels like a direct extension of you.

3 | You Need a Solution.


PROJECT ADVISORY: Consulting to choose the right project – portfolio analysis – for demand & intake management.

The Challenge: Spinning or springing into action?

Our Solution: GET THE STRATEGY RIGHT – Save time and money resources. Plan the right project.

Our project management and business analysis experts are ready to survey your organization for opportunities and inefficiencies so you can put your project resources to the most effective use.

Build on-going consulting relationships with elite, veteran project professionals knowledgeable in the areas you need when you have a list of projects – a backlog, some in-flight, some that may or may not be going well – and you need someone to stand-up a project delivery process or simply go in and make it better.

These are project advisory services to leverage our people and team to find a solution. Then… spring into action.

4 | You Need a High-Functioning PMO.


POWERED-UP PMO: Systems and processes – a mature PMO – at the ready.

The Challenge: When you don’t know what you don’t know – critical time is wasted.

Our Solution: TRIPLE-PLAY METHODOLOGY – Do it in 2-6 months. Not years.

You're ready to grow your capacity to get more done and stand up (or optimize) your internal project offices with the processes, templates, and tools to get things done consistently. You’re ready to Power-Up.

Our Triple-Play Methodology is simple: the visual map, the playbook (your training and cheat-sheets), and tailored bundle of templates you need to get things done more effectively. Done right. Done once.

Pair with our hands-on specialists – our TriplePlay implementation team – and gain access to the people, methodology, and toolkit you need to assess, standardize your practices, and speed up the maturity of your PMO. Find out what you don’t know – fast – and eliminate project waste.

Want to find out how effective your PMO is? Let’s talk.

At Tricon, we are an elite community.

Top talent gets access to their best opportunities and companies get unique access to our mission-critical rockstars.

  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • Program Managers
  • Organizational Change Managers