Implementation Partner

We are proud implementation partners with two industry leading product vendors: Wicresoft PPM Solutions and Orchestry.

We ensure the implementation is planned, executed and supported through our exceptional product knowledge and project implementation expertise.


The technology landscape for digital workers and organizations today is complicated, leaving many with a myriad of unused and underperforming Microsoft 365 tools and applications. That's where Orchestry comes in.  Orchestry makes work simple through enablement, adoption and governance across an entire organization in Microsoft 365, empowering IT Administrators through to end-users.


Orchestry eliminates the confusion and indecision that comes along with too many tools and the paradox of choice, making work simple to get you to the right tool at the right time for the right purpose. See how Tricon Solutions partners with Orchestry to make this your reality. Learn more at


Wicresoft is a client-delivery focused solution provider, our partnership focuses on PPM tool implementations leveraging the Microsoft Suite and OnePlan. Partnership between Wicresoft and Tricon ensures you get the right technology fit for your organization, and the technology is configured to support your PMO needs.

To learn more about Wicresoft, visit their website.