Start with Why’, the extremely popular TED Talk by Simon Sinek, has been viewed over 29 million times. I have watched it 4 times at different seasons of my life. Sinek’s talk has helped me regain clarity and direction by simply getting me back to my ‘why’.

Our Mastery Coaching course with Essential Impact focus much time on helping people find their “why”. In Mastery as we help people define their “why”. Here are some key elements to this experience:

  • It is a process and a journey – not to be rushed
  • It is better with a coach – a skilled coach evokes the best and helps guide you
  • It requires support – journeys are best share with others who can cheer you on
  • It is trans-formative – you cannot help but be changed by the process
  • It can be intimidating – to dream of what you are capable of and then to step out is intimidating
  • It is compelling and motivating – to watch others journey and step out is inspiring
  • It is filled with emotion – be ready for laughter, tears, fear, excitement and more
  • It is fun!

Have you found your why? What’s holding you back? Consider joining our next Mastery course and discover your “why”!