We see coaches in an athletic context all the time, but have you considered becoming more like a coach with your team? A coach is not a consultant; they do not bring the expertise or teach skills but enhance and hone the skills already present in the athlete (think professional coach, not Little League).

Coaches help us establish and reach our goals, become self-reliant, contribute more, take on greater responsibility, and work better with others (a team approach).

“The best leaders, SUPERLEADERS, take a coach approach.”

You don’t have to be a trained coach (although it helps) to use these principles to help your staff achieve greater results:

  1. Ask great questions
  2. Believe in your leaders
  3. Continually listen
  4. Demonstrate trust
  5. Empower leaders

Learn coaching skills through our Ignite offering called “Coach approach to Leadership.” You will learn a coaching model and practice using these coaching skills. Take your leadership to the next level this year. Learn coaching skills!


  • Have you had a coach (sports-related or not) who helped you achieve greater results than what you could do on your own?
  • How will you use a coach approach this week?