According to the Conference Board of Canada, ONLY 27% of employees are actively engaged in their jobs. Culture has become one of the key business topics, impacting employee retention, performance and overall business success. While a key differentiator for your business performance, corporate culture is still largely not well understood; many organizations find it difficult to measure and even more difficult to manage.

Here are Three Key Elements to creating a successful corporate culture;

Organizations with strong innovation provide inspiring work and career growth opportunities for employees. Employees feel pride for being a part of the organization and are confident in the overall success of the company.

84% of employees would consider leaving their current company for another company with a better reputation (Glass Door)

Organizations with inspired leadership have employees that believe the vision. Strategy and key messages communicated from the leaders are both authentic and realistic and align with their values. Employees’ perceive their direct supervisors as providing them with the coaching, mentorship and necessary support to succeed in the organization.

Organizations that are successful at attracting and retaining top talent have employees that feel the values and strategic objectives of the organization align and resonate with them on a personal level.  A strong culture fosters employees who are engaged and act as brand ambassadors, referring friends to their organization.

Companies with strong cultures have 59% less turnover. 



Learn how we can help you by providing an in-depth assessment and personalized road map to a healthy, successful corporate culture.

• Does your company culture inspire your teams to care intensely about organizational values?
• Do you attract the best talent, and more importantly, retain that talent?